Terms & Conditions

  • A Deposit of 50% is immediately payable. Proof of payment as well as a signed copy of the contract must be send to Herman Ferreira  within 7 days after booking was made. Balance is payable 7 days before function/wedding.

  •  Deposit is not refundable.(See Terms and conditions)

  •  If my services are not cancelled within 30 days of the function date, you will be liable to pay the full amount as per original quotation.

       If the function ends earlier no money will be refunded.

  •  Clients are not to make any agreements with any other Mobile Disco Jockey prior to the cancellation of this contract.

  •  If any of my equipment is damaged by any of your guests or persons hired by yourself you will be held liable for any cost to repair or  
     Replace the equipment.

  •  One  std table with 2 chairs, of at least 1,5x1m for equipment to be provided as close as possible to the dance area. 2x 15 amp power sockets within 15 meter of table. The use of generators must be pre-arranged. Equipment cannot be used outside if it rains or the weather conditions do not allow it.

  • Herman Ferreira has the right to remove himself and his equipment if any dangerous situation should occur.

  •  Music or services is only provided up to 24h00. Any extra time have to be pre-payed as follows:

                       1st hour - R350, 00 per hour or part thereof.
                       2nd hour- R400-00 per hour or part thereof.
                       3rd hour- R450-00 per hour or part thereof. etc 

  •  Please arrange with the venue to have the necessary cutlery etc. on the DJ table for myself and an assistant? 

  • If Herman Ferreira does not have the necessary song of your choice it must be provided by yourself.

  •  Herman Ferreira can under no circumstances be held liable for any injuries occurred to any guests or persons caused by sound equipment or any property of Herman Ferreira, unless such injuries are as a result of the gross negligence, wilful conduct and/or criminal conduct on the part of  Herman Ferreira and/or his employees, when acting in the course and scope of their employment with Herman Ferreira.

  •  If I cannot provide my services due to reasons outside of my power (illness or acts of God) I will refund all payments made to Myself.         If possible I will hire a DJ to perform on my behalf.